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Note: The Chilkat SMTPQ Service is included as part of the Chilkat Email license.


Chilkat SMTPQ is a Windows Service that watches a queue directory for email. The Chilkat Email component's SendQ method saves an email to the queue directory. The SMTPQ service then works as an SMTP client to connect to an SMTP server and send the email.

How it Works

  1. The SendQ method generates an email messages and deposits a .eml file in the smtpQ's queue directory.
  2. The smtpQ service is immediately notified of the presence of a new file and starts a new thread to load and send the email. You can control the maximum number of threads that are started.
  3. If the send was successful, the email can be optionally saved to a 'sent' directory. If the send was not successful, the email and an XML error log are saved to an 'undeliverable' directory.

Install and Configuration

See SMTPQ x64 installation instructions

smtpQ Manager Features

  • The smtpQ service is multi-threaded and can be configured to run as many concurrent threads for sending as desired.
  • Specify the directories where emails are queued, saved, and where errors are reported.
  • Opt to delete emails after sending.
  • Configure the service to auto-start when the computer is booted.
  • Installing and uninstalling the service is easy.

More Information

  • Chilkat smtpQ can send any kind of email, including signed and/or encrypted emails, emails with attachments, HTML emails, etc.
  • Chilkat smtpQ will run under the default System Account, but can use the standard Windows Management snap-ins to configure the service to run under any account. When sending signed or encrypted email, attention should be paid to this especially if a certificate is located in a current-user certificate store.


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