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Chilkat Ruby Library

for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Linux Downloads

v9.5.0 • 19-Mar-2014
64-bit / Ruby 2.1.1

32-bit / Ruby 2.1.1

64-bit / Ruby 2.0.0

32-bit / Ruby 2.0.0

64-bit / Ruby 1.9.3

32-bit / Ruby 1.9.3

64-bit / Ruby 1.8.7

32-bit / Ruby 1.8.7

Windows Downloads

v9.4.1 • 23-Jul-2013

64-bit MinGW / Ruby 2.0.0

32-bit MinGW / Ruby 2.0.0

32-bit MinGW / Ruby 1.9.3

32-bit MinGW / Ruby 1.8.7

MAC OS X Downloads

v9.4.1 • 23-Jul-2013

Ruby 2.0.0

Ruby 1.9.3

Install Instructions

  1. Download and extract to any directory. For example:
    tar xvfz chilkat-9.5.0-linux-x86_64-ruby-2.1.1.gem.tar.gz
  2. Install using RubyGems. For example:
    gem install chilkat-9.5.0-x86_64-linux.gem
  3. Use require 'chilkat' in Ruby scripts:
        require 'rubygems'
        require 'chilkat'
        # It should now be possible to instantiate and use Chilkat objects:
        mailman =
        print mailman.version() + "\n"

Getting Started and Ruby Examples

A quick-start guide with Chilkat Ruby example programs.

Reference Documentation

Chilkat Ruby API Reference Documentation

Release Notes

The latest release notes are located here on the Chilkat blog.

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