Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, iOS, Android™, Solaris (Intel x86), PowerLinux, ARM Linux, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD, MinGW

Programming Languages:
C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, VB6, FoxPro, VBScript, Delphi, SQL Server, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Xojo, Node.js, Electron, C++ Builder, Powershell, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, Lianja, PureBasic, all languages supporting ActiveX (such as PowerBuilder, DataFlex, etc.).

Identical APIs across all programming languages; Licenses valid for all programming languages.

Reference Documentation:
Chilkat Online Reference Documentation.


Some Chilkat classes are free. Most classes require a license to use beyond the 30-day trial. The licensing requirement for each class is noted in the Reference Documentation