Licensing Explained

  • The Chilkat License is a perpetual license that does not expire. However, the ability to update to newer versions expires when the license maintenance period expires. Chilkat will send a Renewal Notification email shortly before maintenance expiration.
  • New version upgrades are free while maintenance is not expired. Renewing provides the means to stay current with the latest versions of Chilkat. If maintenance lapses for more than 3 months, the license must be repurchased at the regular price.
  • The Chilkat components and libraries may be used on any number of computers or servers.
  • The license is royalty-free, meaning that Chilkat redistributables (DLLs and shared libraries) may be included with your application's deployment/installer packages.
  • Regardless of the type of license purchased, a Chilkat API can be used in any number of applications, and can be redistributed royalty-free with your applications to end-users.
  • Licensing levels are: 1-Developer, Small Group (up to 4-Developers), and Team (up to 8 developers).

Common Questions

  • Question: Will my unlock codes expire after 1-year?
  • Answer: No, the unlock code is perpetual for the version you purchased.
  • Question: "Four developers will be actively developing an application using Chilkat API's, but another 20 developers are working on the same application but not using Chilkat directly. What license do I need to purchase?".
  • Answer: You only need a 4-developer license because only 4 developers are programming with the software.
  • Question: "One developer will be programming with Chilkat, but at runtime Chilkat will be used on many computers. What license do I need?".
  • Answer: You only need a 1-Developer license.
  • Question: "I'm a licensed customer and use the Chilkat ActiveX. I wish to migrate the application to .NET. Do I need to purchase another license?".
  • Answer: No. Your unlock code is valid for all platforms: ActiveX, all .NET Frameworks, VC++ (all versions), GCC/Linux, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, etc, Linux, Windows, and any other operating systems supported now or in the future. etc.

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