Chilkat Technical Help

Success/Failure Return Values

Methods that return a boolean always return True for success and False for failure. (ActiveX methods return 1 for success, 0 for failure. Objective-C methods return YES for success and NO for failure.) If a method returns a new instance of a Chilkat object, a NULL (or nil, null, 0, etc. depending on the programming language) is returned upon failure.


The LastErrorText property is common to most Chilkat classes/objects in all programming languages. It provides detailed information about the last method called on an object instance. The LastErrorText is the first place to get more information about why a method failed or behaved unexpectedly. The LastErrorText will contain information even when a method call is successful.

More information about LastErrorText.

30-Day Trial / UnlockBundle

Chilkat objects are unlocked at runtime by calling the UnlockBundle method once at the start of your program. A fully-functional 30-day trial begins when an arbitrary string (such as "Hello World") is passed to UnlockBundle. See the links under Unlocking Chilkat for more information.


Chilkat methods (in any programming language) never raise exceptions to indicate failure. All failures are indicated by the return value of the method.