Download the Chilkat ActiveX

All of the Chilkat ActiveX objects are contained within a single DLL.

* Classic ASP and SQL Server users should use the .msi installs.

v9.5.0.77 18-Mar-2019sha256: 818fdd156a0151201cd4145f0b55e5574c8fb87eea63b22aa63fc4e1f303afc7
Chilkat 32-bit ActiveX MSI Installer

v9.5.0.77 18-Mar-2019sha256: e7c1a285c415ad1bfd63570980a7b59964de9d5eaaa56337a06bfd03f5651422
Chilkat 64-bit ActiveX MSI Installer

v9.5.0.77 18-Mar-2019sha256: e6bbeddb0e9f79d926035427213731c3a1eaac1e41234f90e930ccd5a1107f44
Chilkat 32-bit ActiveX Zip Install (manual registration)

v9.5.0.77 18-Mar-2019sha256: f39397a7f93a2cf709b88031cb83b564881c39fd66f11b06846c7dd94140d549
Chilkat 64-bit ActiveX Zip Install (manual registration)

Using the ActiveX in VB6

Visit these pages for help on using the Chilkat ActiveX in Visual Basic 6.0

Using the ActiveX in Classic ASP or SQL Server

The easiest way to install for use in Classic ASP or SQL Server is with the MSI Installer. For classic ASP, install on the web server. For use in SQL Server stored procedures, install on the server that runs SQL Server. If you don't know whether your ASP code or SQL Server runs as 32-bit or 64-bit, then install both 32-bit and 64-bit to cover both possibilities.

Using the ActiveX in PHP on Windows

The php_com_dotnet.dll may need to be enabled inside of php.ini. The php_com_dotnet.dll is not a DLL provided by Chilkat, but is a DLL that should already exist with your PHP installation. See Enabling DOTNET COM Extension

Manual Zip Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip to any directory on the local hard drive. The ActiveX DLL should NOT be located on a non-local filesystem. The unzipped directory structure is shown below.

    32-bit ActiveX Unzipped Files 64-bit ActiveX Unzipped Files
  2. Question: Do I need the 32-bit ActiveX or the 64-bit?
    Answer: The choice does not necessarily depend on whether the Windows system is 64-bit. The choice depends on whether the program using the ActiveX is a 32-bit program or a 64-bit program. For example, all VB6 and Visual FoxPro applications will use the 32-bit ActiveX's, even on 64-bit Windows.
  3. Register the ActiveX DLL using the .bat script provided in the download. The script uses regsvr32 to register the ActiveX.

Manual ActiveX DLL Registration

ActiveX DLLs need to be registered on any computer where they are used. When distributing your application with an ActiveX DLL, your installer will need to register the ActiveX DLL. Most installer packages provide features for automating ActiveX DLL registration.

  1. Important: The ActiveX registration script must be run with administrative privileges. On Windows 8, you may right-click on the .bat file and select "Run as Administrator".
  2. To register the 64-bit DLL, run the register.bat script with administrative privileges.
  3. To register the 32-bit DLL on a 32-bit Windows system, run the register_win32.bat script with administrative privileges.
  4. To register the 32-bit DLL on a 64-bit Windows system, run the register_x64.bat script with administrative privileges.
  5. See Also: ActiveX DLL Registration Tutorial

MSVC++ 9.0 Runtime Libs

The MSVC++ 9.0 runtime is automatically installed by the .msi if required. If manually installing from the .zip, then the VC++ 9.0 runtime would need to be installed from if needed.

The Chilkat ActiveX DLLs are implemented in C++ and are built using Visual Studio 2008 (VC++ 9.0). This means the VC++ 9.0 runtime libs must be present on the computer where your app runs. The VC++ 9.0 runtime is typically already pre-installed on Windows computers, but for older computers it may not exist. If not, then you'll receive an "application configuration is incorrect" error. To fix, download and install the VC9 redist from here:


(Chilkat builds using Visual Studio 2008 because it is the oldest possible Visual Studio that satisfies certain Windows security/compliance type certifications. The older the VC++ runtime, the less likely you'll find a computer that doesn't already have it pre-installed. For example, if Chilkat built with VS2013, then many more computers would not already have the runtime already present.)

30-Day Trial

The downloads on this page are the full-version Chilkat product downloads.
Chilkat components are fully functional for 30-day evaluations.

Release Notes

The release notes may be found here on the Chilkat blog.