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Chilkat C/C++ Libraries for Embedded/ARM Linux

For Raspberry Pi, download the libs for armv6.

For Raspberry Pi 2, download the libs for armv7l.


v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: e5a02dae726a512d8f6712e9a242f906
Chilkat ARMv5 C/C++ Libs for Linux

v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: 08404f09a9076bc2411fcb99e7b263cc
Chilkat ARMv6 (Raspberry Pi) C/C++ Libs for Linux/Raspbian

v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: e3a8607c241931e967130528ab1ba290
Chilkat ARMv7l C/C++ Libs for Linux/Raspbian

v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: f0fc8d713ff8c7e8259b5036438f54b4
Chilkat ARMv7-a SoftFP C/C++ Libs for Linux

v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: 94cfadc651fdf88d478aaa8707a65930
Chilkat ARMv7-a HardFP C/C++ Libs for Linux

v9.5.0.68 26-May-2017MD5 Sum: 6ab9ca0ef1bfeef78dc4b3bd314a682d
Chilkat ARMv8-a (FP/LP64) C/C++ Libs for Linux

Install Instructions

Chilkat Reference Documentation

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Chilkat Release Notes

Install the binary distribution by extracting the files from the compressed archive.
The following example is for the armv7-a SoftFP build:

tar xvfz chilkat-9.5.0-armv7a-softfp-linux.tar.gz

This will create a 'chilkat-9.5.0-armv7a-softfp-linux' sub-directory containing the Chilkat C++ binary distribution.

Linking with the Chilkat Shared Library

The Chilkat shared library is located in the "lib" subdirectory. It is named To link with the shared library, use the "-l" option. For example:

gcc -o my_application my_application.o -lchilkat-9.5.0 -lresolv -lpthread

In order to find a shared or static library, the dynamic linker looks in certain directories to find the library. Generally it will look in /usr/lib and /lib. Your system may also be configured to look in other directories (with ldconfig). If you have an environment variable called LD_LIBRARY_PATH it will check the directories listed there first (paths should be separated by colons).

It is also possible to add an additional directory to the library search path with the -L option. If -L is used, then it is not necessary to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For example:

gcc -o my_app my_app.o -L/home/joe/chilkat-9.5.0-armv7a-softfp-linux/lib -lchilkat-9.5.0 -lresolv -lpthread

* The "-lresolv" and "-lpthread" are for extra system libraries that will likely be needed. These are for DNS name resolution and POSIX threading. * Note: If both the static library (.a) and shared library (.so) are in the same directory, the linker will select the shared library.

Setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH search path

You may wish to set the library search path LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

In the following shell commands, the <chilkat-path> denotes the full path to the chilkat-9.5.0-x86_64-linux-gcc directory.

For Bourne Shell, K Shell or Bash, type:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<chilkat-path>/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

For C Shell, type:

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "<chilkat-path>/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

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