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Chilkat iOS / IPhone Library Linking Notes

Must Link w/ C++ Runtime Libs

The Chilkat internals are written in C++. Therefore, your Objective-C application will need to link against the C++ runtime libraries. The easiest way to do it is to include an empty source file with the file extension "cpp" in your app target.

Linking may require -lresolv and -lpthread system libraries

Depending on circumstances, your application may need to link with these additional system libraries:
-lresolv, -lpthread.

Simulator and Device Static Libs

The simulator libs are located in "lib/i386" and "lib/x86_64". The device libs are located in "lib/arm*".


All objects returned by Chilkat methods, including NSString, NSNumber, NSData, NSMutableData, NSDate, and "Cko" Chilkat objects are autorelease. The application does not need to release them.

Important: See this note on the Chilkat blog about Auto-Release in Background Threads.

IOS 5 and ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)

The Chilkat library will work with ARC enabled.

About the Size of the .a Library...

Any linker that links static libs (C, C++, Objective-C) only compiles into your executable the library code directly or indirectly referenced. Your application's binary would be the identical size regardless of how the libraries were arranged -- as one big library, or as multiple smaller libraries.



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