Chilkat C / C++ Libraries for MAC OS X


v9.5.0.88 05-Sep-2021sha256: be6ba599abb55c6e2517f437d06feb6bdfc07ebce16d4bf34a7d9c29dfde6f0e
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for MAC OS X (clang/C++/libstdc++)

v9.5.0.88 05-Sep-2021sha256: 5c50f4d144063eb22a8a6803675cb85b1d7c0f5d457368d242ac590d79766b2a
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for MAC OS X (clang/C++11/libc++)

v9.5.0.88 05-Sep-2021sha256: 30242f011b3be3d6910e0d233585e482d536540dddb83738f68d16c5d5a6849f
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for MAC OS X (arm64 / Apple M1)

v9.5.0.88 05-Sep-2021sha256: c041dc888743f1d0b6dc31109c36fb83a490f91e68ab4edde0a08f3d2da28ffb
Chilkat C/C++11 Libs for MAC OS X (arm64 / Apple M1)

Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip to any directory. The unzipped directory structure is shown here:
  2. The C/C++ headers are contained in include directory.
  3. The static and dynamic libs are located in the libStatic and libDyn directories.
  4. Universal libs can be created by running the script. (Make sure this script has execute permission first "chmod a+x") The contents of this shell script are shown here:
    #!/bin/bash -ev
    cd libStatic
    libtool -static libchilkat_x86_64.a libchilkat_i386.a -o libchilkat.a
    cd ..
    cd libDyn
    lipo -create libchilkat_x86_64.dylib libchilkat_i386.dylib -output libchilkat.dylib
    cd ..
  5. This download is both the trial and full version.
    Chilkat libraries are fully functional for 30-day evaluations.

  6. Release Notes are available on the Chilkat blog.
  7. See also: Chilkat Reference Documentation
  8. See also: Chilkat Sample Code
  9. See also: Chilkat Blog

How to Distribute a dylib with your Application

(This information is general and applies to any dylib on Mac OS X.) On Mac OS X, a dynamic library (dylib) has an "install name". The install name is a path baked into the dynamic library that says where to find the library at runtime. When an application is linked against a dylib, the path is saved in the app's binary so that it can find the dylib at runtime.

The install name of a dylib can be viewed by using otool. For example:

$ otool -D libchilkat.dylib

This means that unless the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is set to allow the runtime linker find the dylib, the dylib must be placed in the exact location as specified by the install name.

However, the install name of a dylib can be changed by using the install_name_tool utility. The @loader_path keyword can be used to make it relative to an install directory.

Chilkat recommends becoming familiar with the install_name_tool command and it's various options. For example, this command changes the install name of libchilkat.dylib to be relative to the location of the binary using it:

$ install_name_tool -id "@loader_path/dylibs/libchilkat.dylib" libchilkat.dylib