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Chilkat Module for Python

for Windows, Linux, MAC OS X

Windows Downloads • v9.5.0 • 13-Mar-2014

Python v3.4.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.4.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.3.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.3.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.2.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.2.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.1.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v3.1.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v2.7.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v2.7.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v2.6.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Python v2.6.* (x64)  (Install Instructions)

Python v2.5.* (win32)  (Install Instructions)

Linux Downloads • v9.5.0 • 25-Mar-2014

(Linux Install Instructions)

64-bit Python 3.4: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.4-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 3.4: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.4-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 3.3: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.3-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 3.3: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.3-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 3.2: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.2-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 3.2: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.2-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 3.1: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.1-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 3.1: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.1-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 3.0: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 3.0: chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.0-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 2.7: chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.7-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 2.7: chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.7-x86-linux.tar.gz

64-bit Python 2.6: chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.6-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

32-bit Python 2.6: chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.6-x86-linux.tar.gz

MAC OS X Downloads • v9.5.0 • 25-Mar-2014

(MAC OS X Install Instructions)

Python 3.4 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.4-macosx.tar.gz

Python 3.3 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.3-macosx.tar.gz

Python 3.2 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.2-macosx.tar.gz

Python 3.1 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-3.1-macosx.tar.gz

Python 2.7 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.7-macosx.tar.gz

Python 2.6 (i386 / x86_64)  chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.6-macosx.tar.gz

Reference Documentation

Chilkat Python API Reference Documentation

Release Notes

The latest release notes are located here on the Chilkat blog.

Chilkat Python Module Contents

This download contains the full suite of Chilkat components for the Python scripting language. Commercially licensed components include:

  1. Email (POP3 / SMTP)
  2. DKIM / DomainKeys for MIME / Email
  3. IMAP
  4. Zip Compression, GZip (.gz), and Unix Compress (.Z)
  5. Streaming Compression - PPMD, BZip2, LZW, Deflate
  6. Encryption - AES, Blowfish, Twofish, Public-Key Encryption, Digital Signatures, Hashing, Encoding, etc.
  7. RSA Encryption
  8. DSA Signatures
  9. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
  10. MIME and S/MIME
  11. FTP
  12. HTML to XML Conversion
  13. HTTP
  14. MHT
  15. SFTP
  16. Socket/SSL
  17. SSH
  18. Tar Archive
  19. XMP
  20. Charset
  21. Bounce
  22. OMA DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Freeware components include:

  1. XML
  2. Digital Certificates (Cert, CertStore, PrivateKey, PublicKey, KeyContainer, CSP, etc.)
  3. Spider
  4. Upload
  5. Spider

Chilkat Python Programming Reference Documentation
A quick-start tutorial with example programs is available at:
Chilkat Python Example Code

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